To prevent acne it is recommended to review your lifestyle or require skincare and go to the dermatology department if it becomes severe

Skin care to prevent acne does not clog pores
Skin care to prevent acne does not clog pores

Skin Care to Prevent Acne

Things that cause acne, such as eating habits, disturbance of rhythm of life, lack of sleep, stress of work and human relations, disorder of hormonal balance and constipation are lurking in daily life.
In order not to be able to acne it is important to review lifestyle habits, eating habits, not to waste things and mental stress on the body, but first of all skins care should not be able to acne It is necessary to do.

In order to prevent acne, it is necessary to keep the skin clean and remove extra sebum anyway.
If you sweat in a hot season, let's frequently wash your face and keep your skin clean.
When washing your face or cleaning your face, it's ironic rule not to rub your hands with power.
And because it is summer, skincare after cleansing should not be skipped. Let's keep moisturizing firmly.
Since air conditioning in the summer is the source of dryness, it can not be tolerated.

However, if acne still occurs, it would be better not to touch it with hands or crush it unnecessarily.
If you touch with non-clean hands, acne may get worse.
When it gets severe it causes pain, there may be suppuration, pus accumulates, traces may remain.
If you feel severe it is recommended that you go to the dermatology department and prescribe proper medicine.
Sometimes I get drinking medicine.
Keep healthy lifestyle habits and skin care, keep your skin clean, and do not crush at your own discretion and keep beautiful skin without acne and acne marks when done.

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