I have been plagued by acne for a long time, I often go to dermatology, but I could cure by changing skincare.

Skin care to prevent acne does not clog pores
Skin care to prevent acne does not clog pores

The acne decreased as a result of changing skin care

I had a weak skin and a structure that made acne easy since long ago, but acne was able to be reduced almost completely by changing skincare.
Once I got acne I went to the dermatology department and got a lot of medicine.
After painting medicine, I was feeling well for a while, but then gradually the acne increased gradually.
After increasing the medicine, healed again and the acne had repeated infinite loop of recurrence.

At one point, something like a yellow spot on my cheek was made.
Because it is not red acne, I did not know what it was, how I was able to go, I went to the hospital.
Even now I do not know what the symptom is, but I cured it with the medicine I got at the hospital.
Although that matter was good, as usual red red acne never cured.
So I tried to quit my medicine.
Just because I quit did not cure, but I think that it was good to have used non-additive skin care products.
It might have been bad to have a strong stimulant medicine. It may be that there was an effect on acne, but I think that it had an adverse effect on places other than acne.
I was bothered by acne for about 4 years, I was applying medicine before going to bed everyday.
I changed skin care and used only non-additive cleanser and lotion and milky lotion.
And then wash your face after shampooing.
Because when shampoo is washed away shampoo hits the face and it is not good for your skin.
I improved a lot in this way.

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