Pimples are often not from oily skin alone but from dry skin. I will introduce skin care of dry skin.

Skin care to prevent acne does not clog pores
Skin care to prevent acne does not clog pores

Skin care of dry skin acne

How about skin care of acne? Actually when I was young I got a lot of pimples and my forehead and back acne were bad.
So it was a set of skin care for certain acne that I started in my 20s.
If I tried thinking that there was an effect even if it was flowing repeatedly in CM, I was cured while I was really attached until mid-20s.
I truly remember that I admired that it was as advertised.

However, it has become difficult to acne from a certain time, but my skin became very deeply irritated.

After all it is said that the skin quality has changed at the corner of your skin. Besides, acne is not only for oily skin. So I started using 20 generations and I did not match the skin condition for all the pimples.
It had dried it on the contrary.
Actually, there is a mechanism in which acne occurs even in dry skin.
To say to dry it is in a condition where the skin of the skin itself is short.
Then, the horny of the skin gradually becomes hard. The pores of the skin become obstructed as the old keratin that has become hard becomes more and more superimposed on the stratum corneum, and the sebum can not be discharged to the outside.
Acne can occur because sebum can not be discharged. For that reason, it is good not to choose the type of refreshing to say that it is acne to dry acne pimples, but also to choose moist.
Also, let's clean the washing face by bubbles and drop the sebum dirt firmly.
It is good to wash face with hot water to open the pores. Or wash your face gently with water, prepare a steaming towel in the range, steam the face for a while and then wash your face with hot water.
Let's rinse with cold water afterwards to tighten the pores of the skin.
It is better to choose skincare less refreshing type, choosing one with bactericidal action as anti-acne measures and with skin softening effect.
Let's moisturize firmly until emulsion and essence.
Do not neglect the moisturizing of the essence solution even though it is acne. Please try by those who are troubled with dry acne by all means.

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